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Grade: 11
In Bohr’s series of lines of hydrogen spectrum, the third line from the red end corresponds to which of the following inter-orbit jumps of the electron for Bohr’s orbits in a hydrogen atom? why?
1)3 to 1
2)5 to 2
3)2 to 5
4)3 to 2
5 years ago

Answers : (6)

Vasantha Kumari
askIITians Faculty
38 Points

The correct answer is option b (5 to 2).

Here, we see red end means it is a part of the visible region and obviously only Balmer series corresponds to the visible region.

For Balmer series n1=2 and red end means low energy or third end from this end means n2=–5.








Line Number

Thanks & Regards,

Vasantha Sivaraj,

askIITians faculty

5 years ago
20 Points
							Barmer series corresponds to the visible region.In barmer series n1=2 so it means the first line=3-2=1,second line means =4-2=2,third line=5-2=3
2 years ago
20 Points
							the Lyman series it is the transitions from n >= 2 to the n = 1 state, for Balmer series its from n >= 3 to the n = 2 state and the Paschen series are transitions from n >= 4 to n = 3 state. The first line in each series is the transition from the next lowest number in the series to the lowest (so in the Lyman series the first line would be from n=2 to n=1) and the second line would be from from the third lowest to the lowest (in Lyman it would be n=3 to n=1) etc etc. To calculate the wavelength you can use the Rydberg formula.
2 years ago
kumar kanishk
36 Points
The emission is in visible (VIBGYOR) region.Thus Balmer series start from n = 2 .The third line will be in the jump from 5 to 2.
2 years ago
Shumbul Arifa
11 Points
							Firstly , option 2-5 is eliminated since that requires energy but we want energy to be generated .Then , since they have clearly given that 3 lines are included , the option 3-2 is also eliminated. I hope you remember that only Balmer series is the one that involves emission in the visible spectrum .Thus , n2  must be 2 .. and since three lines are involved , n1 is 5 .Thank u
one year ago
Deepak Dagar Jaat
28 Points
Red end means in a question that to come visible region which is of balmer series 
third line means n=-5 so
ans. is 5 to 2
one year ago
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