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Grade: 11
Give a brief description of the principal of chromatography
one year ago

Answers : (1)

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Dear student
Chromatography is a non-destructive procedure for resolving a complex mixture into its individual fractions or compounds. This is a separation procedure and the separated entities are identified by other analytical techniques like UV-visible, Infrared, NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance), Mass spectroscopy etc. For quantitative analysis the measurement of the area under the curve in chromatogram is done.

"Chromato" "graphy" derives its name from two words as chromo= colour and graphy= writing. I.e colour bands are formed in the procedure which are measured or analysed. These colour bands are due to separation of individual compounds at different lengths on the column as seen in column chromatography and on paper in paper chromatography.

But in the modern methods like HPLC, Gas chromatography, colour bands can be seen.

Definition & Principle in chromatography

It is defined as the process of separation of the individual components of a mixture based on their relative affinities towards stationary and mobile phases.

Principle: The samples are subjected to flow by mobile liquid onto or through the stable stationary phase. The sample components are separated into fractions based on their relative affinity towards the two phases during their travel.

The fraction with greater affinity to stationary layer travels slower and shorter distance while that with less affinity travels faster and longer.
Arun (askIITians forum expert)
one year ago
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