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energy levels in disordered organic semiconductors?

energy levels in disordered organic semiconductors?


1 Answers

askIITians Faculty 747 Points
6 years ago
Yes, your analogy does work. HOMO/LUMO play the same role for organic semiconductors as the valence band and conduction band play for inorganic semiconductors. In fact, there is a whole discipline of organic electronics, see e.g.:

For example, plastic solar panels may usefully become organic in the near future. I guess that it's not a good idea to use organic semiconductors for the state-of-the-art miniature microprocessors because the molecules are too still too large, irregular, and "dirty".

Otherwise, I don't quite understand what you're missing. Everything you write is true: the LUMO band is unoccupied in the ground state - but it has available states thatmaybe occupied when the voltage makes it energetically preferred. It's exactly the same thing as the conduction band for other semiconductors. In both cases, these states may be shared by the whole material, so they may become delocalized.

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