Draw the structure of (i) BeCl2 (vapour) (ii) BeCl2 (solid). ?

Draw the structure of (i) BeCl2 (vapour) (ii) BeCl2 (solid). ?


3 Answers

askIITians Faculty 164 Points
7 years ago
BeCl2 exists as dimmer in vapour state

BeCl2 exists in polymeric form in solid state and has a polymeric structure.
Rahul singh
19 Points
5 years ago
This formed because of intermolecular force of attraction b/w brand cl because 2 be form bond with 2 cl this only possible by intermolecular forces
42 Points
5 years ago
In the vapour phase becl2 is linear at high temperature because molecules are far apart but at lower temperature they are close so van der waal interactions comes to play to give tricordinated structure and in solid or in crystal phase van der waal interactions are more so it form tetracordinate structure. These van der waals interactions are not bonds but only the interactions between electronegative Cl and electropositive Be.

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