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diffrentiate between metals and non metals on the basis of chemical properties..??

diffrentiate between metals and non metals on the basis of chemical properties..??

Grade:12th pass

3 Answers

Pawan Prajapati
askIITians Faculty 8741 Points
8 months ago

Metals -

Metals are malleable.

Metals are sonorous.

Metals are ductile.

Metals are good conductor.

Ex - Iron , copper etc

Non-metals -

Non-metals are non malleable.

Non-metals are non ductile.

Non-metals are bad conductor.

Non-metals are brittle (they will break into pieces on hammering)

Ex - Oxygen, sulphur etc

Apurva Sharma
214 Points
8 months ago
The difference between metal and non metals based on Chemical properties are:
  • Metals mostly belong to S-block and D-block of the periodic table.
  • Metals are mostly electropositive in nature.
  • They readily give out electrons and behave as reducing agents.
  • Metals displace hydrogen from dilute acids.
  • Metals form basic oxides.
  • Metals form ionic or electrovalent bonds by donating electrons.
  • Non metals belong to the P block of the periodic table.
  • Non metals are mostly electro negative in nature
  • They accept electrons and behave as oxidizing agents
  • Non metals can not displace hydrogen from acids.
  • Non metals form acidic oxides
  • Non metals mainly form Compounds with Covalent bonds.
Hope you liked the ans.
irshad hussain
100 Points
22 days ago

1. Oxides of metal are basic in nature.

1. Oxides of non-metals are acidic in nature.

2. Metals displace hydrogen from dilute acids.

2. They cannot do so.

3. Metals form chlorides which are electrovalent or ionic compounds.

3. Non-metals form chlorides which are covalent compounds.

4. they displace hydrogen from water

4. They cannot do so.

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