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Grade: 12th pass


diffrentiate between metals and non metals on the basis of chemical properties..??

2 months ago

Answers : (2)

Pawan Prajapati
askIITians Faculty
3407 Points

Metals -

Metals are malleable.

Metals are sonorous.

Metals are ductile.

Metals are good conductor.

Ex - Iron , copper etc

Non-metals -

Non-metals are non malleable.

Non-metals are non ductile.

Non-metals are bad conductor.

Non-metals are brittle (they will break into pieces on hammering)

Ex - Oxygen, sulphur etc

2 months ago
Apurva Sharma
214 Points
The difference between metal and non metals based on Chemical properties are:
  • Metals mostly belong to S-block and D-block of the periodic table.
  • Metals are mostly electropositive in nature.
  • They readily give out electrons and behave as reducing agents.
  • Metals displace hydrogen from dilute acids.
  • Metals form basic oxides.
  • Metals form ionic or electrovalent bonds by donating electrons.
  • Non metals belong to the P block of the periodic table.
  • Non metals are mostly electro negative in nature
  • They accept electrons and behave as oxidizing agents
  • Non metals can not displace hydrogen from acids.
  • Non metals form acidic oxides
  • Non metals mainly form Compounds with Covalent bonds.
Hope you liked the ans.
2 months ago
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