Describe classification of polymers on the basis of their molecular structure

Describe classification of polymers on the basis of their molecular structure

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In addition to classification based upon processing and polymerization characteristics, polymers may also be grouped based upon the chemical structure of their backbones. For example, polymers having all carbon atoms along their backbone are important examples of homochain polymers. They may be further classified depending upon whether there are single or double bonds along their backbone. Carbon-chain polymers with only single bonds along the backbone are called polyalkylenes (or polyalkylidenes). Examples of polyalkylenes include polystyrene, the polyolefins (e.g., polyethylene and polypropylene), and poly(vinyl chloride). Carbon-chain polymers with double bonds along the chain such as the diene elastomers—polyisoprene and polybutadiene—are called polyalkenylenes. Another example of a polyalkenylene is polyacetylene, an electrically conducting polymer .Heterochain polymers that contain more than one atom type in their backbone are grouped according to the types of atoms and chemical groups (e.g., carbonyl, amide, or ester) located along the backbone. The most important classes of organic heterochain polymers are listed in Table 1-4. Another important class of heterochain polymers includes polysiloxanes. These have a –Si–O– backbone with methyl or other substituent groups attached to silicon.

Backbone Structures of Some Important Organic Heterochain Polymers

Polymer Classification

Backbone Group

Carbon–Oxygen Polymers


Polyesters of carboxylic acids

Polyanhydrides of carboxylic acids


Carbon–Sulfur Polymers



Carbon–Nitrogen Polymers





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