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Grade: 12
Dear sir,
I was facing problems in this question.
Calculate the total number of oxygen atoms present in 1.80g of glucose c6h12o6.
In my book the ans is 3.6*10^22 but I am getting 3.6*10^21
Pls tell me where I have gone wrong.
5 years ago

Answers : (2)

bharat bajaj
IIT Delhi
askIITians Faculty
122 Points
							Molecular weight of Glucose = 180One molecule of glucose = 6 atoms of oxygenTotal molecules of glucose = 1.8/180 X 6.022*10^23 = 6.022*10^21Total oxygen atoms = 6 * 6.022*10^21 = 36 * 10^21 = 3.6*10^22Hope you find your mistake.Thanks
Bharat BajajIIT Delhi
askiitians faculty
5 years ago
Jai Mahajan
22 Points
Sir what if the question was to find number of oxygen molecules? Would we multiply 6.022*10^21 by 3?
Thanks a lot 
5 years ago
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