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Calculate the molar mass of Nitric acid (HNO 3 ) . (Atomic mass of H=1U,N=14u,O=16u )

Calculate the molar mass of Nitric acid 

(HNO3). (Atomic mass of H=1U,N=14u,O=16u)

Grade:12th pass

3 Answers

Vikas TU
14149 Points
10 months ago
Dear studnet 
The "molar mass" of any substance indicates the addition of atomic masses of constituent atoms. In other words, the atomic mass must be added to get the "molar mass" of substance.
Hence, to calculate the molar mass, we must know the atomic masses of component atoms. Here, for the molar mass of nitric acid:
Atomic mass of H  =  1.001 u
Atomic mass of N = 14.01 u
Atomic mass of O  = 16.0 u
63.01 g/mol is the molecular mass of nitric acid
Vikas Amritiya
askIITians Faculty 158 Points
10 months ago

Dear student

Molecular mass of HNO3
 is the sum of the atomic masses of H,NO
So 1+14+16×3=63 u.
ho0pe it will help you dear
irshad hussain
100 Points
28 days ago

The molar mass of the chemical substance is equal to the sum of the atomic mass of the individual atoms.


  1. The atomic mass of H = 1u
  2. The atomic mass of N = 14 u
  3. The atomic mass of O = 16u

The molar mass of HNO3 is

(1 × 1) +(1 × 14) + (16×3) = 63 u.

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