calculate active mass of 10gram CaCO3

calculate active mass of 10gram CaCO3

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Sunil Kumar FP
askIITians Faculty 183 Points
9 years ago
active mass of 10gram CaCO3:-
active mass-the concentration of a reacting substance expressed usually in moles per liter
In a reaction molar concentration of the reactant is called its active mass.
Therefore active mass of CaCo3 is mole pesent in 1 lt
mole in 10 gm of CaCo3 =weight/mol.weight =10/100 =.1 mole
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7 years ago
Well this isn`t a complete question to start off. I know this is a pretty old question and you probably have your answer by now, but if it`s just CaCO3 then the active mass is 1. Cuz all solids, in any chemical reaction, have unit active mass. However, if it`s aqueous CaCO3, then yes, the concentration of the solution is the active mass.

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