Briefly explain Nuclear waste disposal a big problem

Briefly explain Nuclear waste disposal a big problem


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Nuclear Waste disposal a big problem:

The used up uranium fuel rods from nuclear power plants, are among the deadliest substances known to man. Nuclear power plants use the nuclear energy produced in nuclear fission to heat water which turns turbines that generate electricity. Each rod is 14-18 feet metal tube filled with uranium pellets.

While a rod powers the plants for 18 months, it is dangerous for 10,000 years. It can eat flesh and cause cancer and birth deflects. Nuclear power plants have been storing old fuel rods in big swimming pools like concrete tanks. However this practice cannot continue say the people who run the power plants. In years to come, the power plants may be running out of space to store it. And as it piles up, there is a greater chance the ‘hot’ water could leak through the ground and to the water under the earth’s surface. On a smaller scale, nuclear waste is disposed off by dumping it in thick lead (Pb) containers which are buried in the earth by drilling holes. However, the disposal of nuclear waste is a big problem before the countries which depend on nuclear power plants for their electricity resources in a big way. There are over four hundred power plants globally which generate about 17 percent of world’s electricity. In USA alone there are 131 power plants which generate 20 percent of the country’s electricity; there by producing 2000 tonne of nucleus waste each year. Its disposal is indeed a big problem.

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I think the issue is easier than you think. Why not drop the waste into an active volcano to incenrate it?

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