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oxidation states os following:- 1) N 3 RAISE TO THE POWER -1 o.s. of nitogen 2)Cl-CH 2 -CΞC-CHO os of carbon

oxidation states os following:-

1) N3 RAISE TO THE POWER -1 o.s. of nitogen

2)Cl-CH2-CΞC-CHO os of carbon


1 Answers

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10 years ago

Dear student,

The oxidation number rules for identifying the oxidant and reductant in a redox reaction seem complex at first but become quite simple with a small amount of practice and are an excellent tool for understanding the chemical reactions that occur all around us. Oxidation numbers are not charges even though many times they can be the same as ionic charges. They are an invented system for keeping track of electron loss and gain. We do not need to know anything about the bonding within the chemicals in order to be able to use these numbers effectively.


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