The rate of a reaction does not depend upon a) Temperature b) Concentration c) Catalyst d) None of these

The rate of a reaction does not depend upon

a)      Temperature

b)      Concentration

c)       Catalyst

d)      None of these


4 Answers

Hrishant Goswami
343 Points
8 years ago

d)      None of these.

Exp:       Rate of reaction depends upon all the three factor i.e, temperature, concentration and catalyst.

                As the concentration of reactants increases, the reaction rate increase

                Catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of reaction

                Rate of reaction increases with increase in temperature

meenakshi boni
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8 years ago


hanuman balagoni
34 Points
8 years ago

the correct answer is d.none of this above ,because usually rate of reaction depends on temp.,conc.,catalyst.

27 Points
8 years ago


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