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a compound contains 3.2% of oxygen. the minimum molecular weight of the compound is

a compound contains 3.2% of oxygen. the minimum molecular weight of the compound is


3 Answers

Pranav -
39 Points
8 years ago

Well, the question might be wrong but just trying to solve it still.


Minimum Molecular weight has to be atleast 1000amu

Vikash Kumar
36 Points
8 years ago

consider a metal oxide for simplicity, now 3.2 g of oxygen combines with 100-3.2=96.8 g of metal. now a compound must have at least 1 equivalence of oxygen and so it will have one equivalence of metal also. from unitary method 8g of oxygen(1 equivalent) combines with 242 g of metal. so in molecular weight will be 242+8=250 amu.

you can also do by cosidering 96.8 g to be a mixture of different atoms but also will at least combine and 1 equivalent respectively in the compound. then also the ans. will be similar

Thanks & Regards
Vikash Kumar, 
askIITians Faculty
B.Tech, IIT Delhi

14 Points
6 years ago
The atomic weight of oxygen is 16. If we assume that the compound contains only 1 atom of oxygen, then its molecular weight will be (100/3.2)*16 = 500.

This is the minimum molecular weight of the compound. If the compound contains x atoms of oxygen, then the molecular weight of the compound will be 500x.

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