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I Am Class 9 Please Explain Me Hydrogen Bonding And Dipole Dipole Attraction

I Am Class 9

Please Explain Me Hydrogen Bonding And Dipole Dipole Attraction


4 Answers

Akash Kumar Dutta
98 Points
8 years ago

due to polarity in compunds having hydrogen a bond develops with diff molecules of the same compound.
this bond is called hydrogen bond.
it increases the bond energy of the system.
dipole dipole attr. develops due to polarity of molecules..not neccessarily of hydrogen.
it always generates ionic behaviour.

Bevkoof Singh
43 Points
8 years ago

hydrogen bonding-when hydrogen bonded with any other element or with itself 

dipole dipole attraction-when polar molecules attract and form a compound

pushpendra bansal
19 Points
8 years ago

hydrogen bonding - in this bonding h atom is lie b/w 2 elecronegative eliement [f,n,o] and elecronegative atom must have lone pair

in dipole dipole attraction -two dipole molecle[ where electron density is shared unequally between atoms] are attracteeed 

13 Points
5 years ago
Partially positively charged hydrogen atom of one molecule attracts and forms a bond with the partially nagatively charged atom of the other molecule.

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