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Please explain the lewis concept and what are it's limitations?

Please explain the lewis concept and what are it's limitations?


1 Answers

askIITIians Expert
21 Points
12 years ago

Lewis concept of Acids and Bases


The Arrhenius and lowry - Bronsted concept of acids and bases are limited to substances whic contain protons. Lewis proposed a more general and broader concept of acids and bases. According to this concept,

an acid is a substance which can accept a pair of electrons while a base is a substance which can donate a pair of electrons


In other words, acids are electron pair acceptors while bases are electron pair donors. Thus it is evident that any substance which has an unshared pair of electrons can act as a Lewis base while a substance which has an empty orbital that can accomodate a pair of electrons acts as a Lewis acid. In fact, there is a donation of a pair of electrons from lewis base to leis acid to form  a coordinate bond between the two.

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