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Grade: 12

1.blood is lyophobic or lyophilic how?
2.cotrell precipitator works on which principle?
3. why silver iodide is used for artifical rain?

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

askIITians Faculty
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							Smoke particles are actually electrically charged colloidal particles of carbon in the air. Precipitation of smoke particles is carried out by Cottrell precipitator which is based on the principle of electrophoresis. Smoke is allowed to pass through a chamber having a number of metal plates attached to a metal wire connected to a source of high potential. Charged particles of smoke get attracted by oppositely charge electrode get precipitated after losing their charge and the hot air passes out through the chimney.
Artificial rain can be caused by spraying oppositely charged colloidal dust or sand particles over a cloud. The colloidal water particles present in the cloud will be neutralized and coagulate to from bigger water drops causing artificial rain. For this purpose Silver Iodide is most commonly used.
4 years ago
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