application of LE-Chatelier's Principle..

application of LE-Chatelier's Principle..


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Naveen Kumar
askIITians Faculty 60 Points
7 years ago
Hi, there are several application of this le-chatelier’s principle and it is hard to tell here everything in detail. So please either go through a text-book or you can read online.
here am providing the applications in short It would be better if you read in detail as it is very important principle in equilibrium chapter.

Example 1: Haber Process Equilibrium
If this mixture is transferred from a 1.5 L flask to a 5 L flask, in which direction does a net change occur to return to equilibrium? Because the volume is increased (and therefore the pressure reduced), the shift occurs in the direction that produces more moles of gas. To restore equilibrium the shift needs to occur to the left, in the direction of the reverse reaction.
Example 2: Formation of water
What side of the reaction is favored? Because the heat is a product of the reaction, the reactants are favored.
Would the conversion ofO2andH2toH2Obe favored with heat as a product or as a reactant? Heat as a product would shift the reaction forward, creatingH2O. The more heat added to the reaction, the moreH2Ocreated.etc.................

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