all the hydrogen atoms not receive same amount of energy when hydrogen spectrum is recording?

all the hydrogen atoms not receive same amount of energy when hydrogen spectrum is recording?

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Aman Bansal
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11 years ago

Dear BAla,

According to Rutherford model of atom the electrons revolve round the nucleus containing protons and neutrons. Bohr improved upon Rutherford theory by suggesting the fixed orbits for the movement of electrons. The subsequent improvements fixed the movement of electrons in limited number in orbits and are called orbitals with different energy potential.

The farther the electron is in the orbit from the nucleus and  lesser the number in an orbital, the electron can be removed easily. The energy that is required to excite an electron from normal position is called ionization energy.

By absorbing energy from outside source the electron gets excited from the designated position in the orbit. The energy it absorbs to reach the excited state is given back when it reaches the normal position in the atom. This emitted energy is recorded on spectrometer.

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bala sankar
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11 years ago

hydrogen spectrum was explained by niels bohr. it based on the planks quantum theory.according to planks quantum theory all the hydrogen atoms may not receive the same amount of energy.because when energy is given they absorb energy in the form of quanta like 1hv,2hv, 3hv etc

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