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Isha Singh Grade: 10

Please give the differences between Lyophobic and Lyophilic sols?

9 years ago

Answers : (2)

askIITIians Expert
21 Points

Lyophobic Sols

Lyophilic Sols

1)      Colloidal particles are electrically charged

Particles may or may not be charged

2)      Stability is due to electrical charge

Stability is due to adsorption dispersion medium.

3)      Viscosity is similar to that of the dispersion medium.

Viscosity is much higher than that of the dispersion medium.

4)      Surface tension is similar to that of dispersion medium.

Surface tension is often lower than that of the dispersion medium.

5)      Exhibit Tyndall effect

These do not exhibit Tyndall effect.

6)      The particles are easily detected by microscope.

The particles cannot be readily detected by the microscope.

7)      Small quantities of electrolyte cause precipitation.

Small quantities of electrolyte have little effect. But high concentration causes coagulation.

9 years ago
Sushma Reddy
16 Points
										simple def:     solvent loving-lyophilic,solvent hating -lyophobic,this is regarding disperse phase
8 years ago
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