What do you mean by reverberatory furnace

What do you mean by reverberatory furnace


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Sunil Kumar FP
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8 years ago
Areverberatory furnaceis ametallurgicalor processfurnacethat isolates the material being processed from contact with thefuel, but not from contact withcombustiongasesProcesschemistrydetermines the optimum relationship between the fuel and the material, among other variables. The reverberatory furnace can be contrasted on the one hand with theblast furnace, in which fuel and material are mixed in a single chamber, and, on the other hand, with crucible, muffling, or retort furnaces, in which the subject material is isolated from the fuel and all of the products of combustion including gases and flying ash. There are, however, a great many furnace designs, and the terminology of metallurgy has not been very consistently defined, so it is difficult to categorically contradict the other view.

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