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Palak J Grade: 11

I had come across a question and i am unable to solve it. Could you please tell me how to find stoichiometry number.

Q.Find the stoichiometry number of Cuo, NO3- and H+ in the balanced equation of the reaction Cuo + No3- + H+ gives Cu2+ + No + H2O.



8 years ago

Answers : (1) chandra sekhar
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Hi Palak,

stoichiometric number, v
A chemical reaction of known stoichiometry can be written in general as:
aA + bB + ... ---> ... yY + zZ
For the reaction products Y and Z the numbers y and z are known as the
stoichiometric numbers, vY and vZ, for Y and Z respectively. For the
reactants the stoichiometric numbers are the negatives of the numbers
appearing in the equation; for example the stoichiometric number vA for
the reactant A is –a. In other words, the stoichiometric numbers are positive
for products and negative for reactants.


8 years ago
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