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Q1- Why Rutherforards model is called solar plannatory model? Or what is the resion behind this name? Q2- Why alpha particles are taken to do this experiment by Mr. Rutherford? Q3- There is a confusion that an atom of gold foil is taken or a complete atom? I want to say that why the gold foil is considered as an atom in this model? Q4- According to this model Alpha particles are smaller than the atom of gold foil. Is this conclusion is correct? Give reason to this? If it is correct than we also conclude that the discovery of alpha particle is done first than the discovery of the particles inside atom. That means Rutherford was able to see the alpha particles with the help of apparatus but he was not able to see inside the atom(which is bigger than the alpha particles). Q3- According to Rutherford model conclusion “electrons move in a circular orbit.” But sir (in the diagram of his model)no sign of electron is found in bombardment of alpha particles only the sign of positive charge particle that is nucleus is found in it then ,How he recognize the electron is present in it with the help of his model(solar plannatory model? Q4- How with the help of alpha particle bombardment model we know that the electons are moving? It may be remain still(not moving). Q5- Why only Gold foil is taken by Rutherford to do this experiment? Q6- Why the electons move in a particular orbit? It can move anywhere he likes? Q7- Why the concept of spectrum is studied in the chapter of atomic structure? I want to say that what is the link between the spectrum and the atomic structure? Q8- What is the meaning of series in our chapter? Q9- What do we mean by wave length? Q10- What does humphy series indicates? Q11- Why the spectrum of hydrogen is taken?

11 years ago

Answers : (1)

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Dear student,

Rutherford tested Thomson's hypothesis by devising his "gold foil" experiment. Rutherford reasoned that if Thomson's model was correct then the mass of the atom was spread out throughout the atom. Then, if he shot high velocity alpha particles (helium nuclei) at an atom then there would be very little to deflect the alpha particles. He decided to test this with a thin film of gold atoms. As expected, most alpha particles went right through the gold foil but to his amazement a few alpha particles rebounded almost directly backwards.


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Askiitians Expert

Sagar Singh

B.Tech, IIT Delhi

9 years ago
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