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light is made of photon and photon is chargeless. electromagnetic radiation must be deflected by magnetic and electric field. then why it is called electromagnetic radiation?

light is made of photon and photon is chargeless. 

electromagnetic radiation must be deflected by magnetic and electric field.

then why it is called electromagnetic radiation?

Grade:12th Pass

1 Answers

Aman Bansal
592 Points
9 years ago

Dear Jignesh,

Thats because of thr dula nature of the light,

It's called Wave-Particle Duality. Some experiments prove that light possesses characteristics of a wave ie Young's Double Slit Experiment, which shows light can interfere. Interference is proved by light and dark fringes when two coherent light sources are shone through a diffraction grating. These fringes may also be called maxima and minima, where maxima are light and minima are dark. This proves the whole idea of light being a wave as destructive interference is when a crest meets trough, and so dark patches appear. However, another experiment exists which proves light is a particle. This is the Photoelectric Effect. This experiment says that if UV lightis shone onto a zinc surface on a gold leaf electroscope, where the zinc plate has been previously charged by static electricty (which causes the gold leaf to be attracted to it and lift up) then electrons will be emitted due to the absorption of energy. This creates photoelectric current and results in the plate losing negative charge via electron emission and thus the gold leaf drops. This is proof of light behaving as a particle. 
Light is neither considered a wave nor a particle, it is said to possess characteristics of both a wave and a particle. However, do not be fooled into thinking that if it is a wave then it is a particle(s) moving in a wave like motion, as this is not correct

Best Of luck

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