why do stiring increases rate of reaction

why do stiring increases rate of reaction


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Godfrey Classic Prince
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11 years ago

Dear praneet kumar,

A reaction occurs when reactant particles collide effectively. an effective collision is when particles collide with enough energy (activation energy) and correct orientation.
if the no. of effective collisions increases, rate of reaction increases.

When you stir the mixture, the particles move with more kinetic energy, thereby increasing the number of effective collisions. thus rate of reaction increases. when the rate of reaction increases, more hydrogen is produced in less time !!


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11 years ago

its obvious.....

see stirring doesnt make any different if your mixture is in some acid base titration acid is readily soluble and stirring wont make any diff.....

but for some non homogenous mixture...say some suspension....marble powder in be reacted with you will encounter high salt concenteration near clay particles slowing down the reactoin rate (since high product conc slows down the reaction) stirring helps to remove the salt from around reactant and pace up the reaction rate

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