what is the effect of dilution on specific conductances

what is the effect of dilution on specific conductances

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Sanjeev Malik IIT BHU
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12 years ago

on dilution the specific conductance decreses.

spec. cond. is the conductance in 1 ml. as the amount of solvent(or water) increses on dilution the density or you can moles of solute or weight per ml decreses. thus amount of solute remains same bt due to addition of solvent per ml amount of sloute dcreses so no of ions also decreses.

bt total conductance of the solution increses as space for ions increses and their flow becomes easy in more solvent. bove logic cannot be applied on whole as it has very less effect because the amount of solution is large.


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Rajballabh Baruah
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5 years ago
The specific conductance decreases with dilution. Specific conductance depends on the no. of ions present per c.c of the solution. On dilution the degree of dissociation increases but the no. of ions per c.c decreases , so specific conductance decreases on dilution.

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