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Dissolution of carbondioxide is physical or chemical change?

Dissolution of carbondioxide is physical or chemical change?


1 Answers

AskIITians Expert Hari Shankar IITD
17 Points
12 years ago

Dissolution of Carbon dioxide is a chemical change. Gases don't really "dissolve" in water, but are said to be soluble.

All solutions are characterized by interactions between the solvent phase and solute molecules or ions that result in a net decrease in free energy. The more the decrease in energy, the more is the solubility. When a gas can form a bond with water molecules like hydrogen chloride or ammonia, the solubility is high. When it can form a compound with a definite molecular formula like carbo dioxide or sulphur di/tri oxide the solubility is moderate. If neither of the above occurs as in the case of oxygen or hydrogen, the solubility is low.

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