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Bronsted concept states NH4+ to be acidic, but its solution in water is basic why?

Bronsted concept states NH4+ to be acidic, but its solution in water is basic why?


1 Answers

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10 years ago

Dear student,

A stronger Bronsted acid will have a higher tendency for donating a proton to the base, hence would tend to exist as its conjugate base. The conjugate base so formed will have very little tendency to pick up a proton, hence would act as a weak base. Thus, there exists an interdependent relationship between the strengths of an acid and its conjugate base.

'The stronger an acid, weaker is its conjugate base, and stronger a base, weaker is its conjugate acid.'

In water, HCl acts as a strong acid. As the reverse reaction occurs to a very small extent Cl- ion acts as a weak base. So, the anion of a strong acid is a weak base. Similarly, the cation of a weak base acts as a strong acid, e.g., NH4+ ion in water is a strong acid.


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