CH 3 Cl or CHCl 3 Which has greater dipole and why?

CH3Cl or CHCl3 Which has greater dipole and why?


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13 years ago

Hii deeksha


CH3Cl>CH2Cl2 >CHCl3 >CCl4   this is the trean for dipole moment ...


Reason .....

for CH3Cl > CHCl3 ...

       (1)        (2)

the dipole moments in both 1 and 2 are additive(that can be shown by drawing the tetrahedral structures of the two compounds and then finding the directions of bond polarity  for each bond). Cl tends to have a ∂- charge due its strong electro negativity and hence in 2 the Cl-Cl repulsion occurs as a result  of which the Cl-C-Cl bond angle increases. we know  that vector addition involves cos{bond angle}...hence as the bond angle increases the cosine value decreases and as a result the resultant dipole moment decreases !


Its better you keep this trend in mind....because there is always a question on this remeber it...





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