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Nitin Gupta Grade: 11

Dipole Movement = Charge * Bond length

If dipole movement is zero then either charge = 0 or bond length =0.

But in case of water the overall charge is zero but its dipole is not zero.Why?

If you say that we check the charge on constituent atoms then take the case of carbon dioxide in which dipole movement is zero but the charge on constituent atoms is not zero.

Please answer as soon as possible.

I'll surely approve all correct answers.

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Sukhendra Reddy Rompally B.Tech Mining Machinery Engg, ISM Dhanbad
93 Points
										Dear student,
firstly realise that dipole moment is a vector quantity and not a,net dipole moment can be 0 if the sums of individual dipoles add up 2 0 vectorially,like in the case of carbondioxide,where the molecule is linear and the 2 dipoles are equal in magnitude and act in opposite dirn to sum up to 0.but in the case of water molecule,it is a bent molecule,that is since not linear,the 2 individual moments get added up to a finite quantity(the resultant of 2 dipole vectors) and not 0.THANKS.PLZ APPROVE MY ANSWER IF YOU LIKE IT
7 years ago
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