limitations of phase rule

limitations of phase rule

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  • The relationships described by the Gibbs' Phase Rule apply the concepts of equilibrium thermodynamics. It is assumed that geologic systems have enough time to naturally equilibrate. It is also assumed that geologic systems are "closed" systems--that is the mass of the system remains essentially constant, and the system is free to consume or liberate energy to do work.
  • For geologic systems, heat and work are considered to be the major contributors to the system's energetics--that is, "P-V work" is the dominant source of energy consumed/liberated by the system. We do not consider the effects of external fields (e.g. electrical, magnetic, gravitational), and we do not consider surface energy or boundary effects.
  • No kinetic effects are considered. This may present problems with an equilibrium thermodynamics approach if metastable phases are present in the system.

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