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Pratik Sharma Grade: 12

For the reaction,

, In one litre vessel at 500 K the initial pressure is 70 atm and after the reaction it becomes 40 atm at constant volume of 1 liter.The change in internal energy would be
a) - 70 kJ/mol b) -40 KJ/mol c) -5 KJ/mol d) -80kJ/mol

7 years ago

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Dear student,

eq 8

where, for a generalized equation of the form:

eq 9

The capital letters A, B, M and N in equation represent respectively the reactants and products of a given reaction while the small letters represent the coefficients required to balance the reaction.

eq 10

At equilibrium, DG = 0 and Qreaction corresponds to the equilibrium constant (Keq) described earlier.

In the case of an electrochemical reaction, substitution of the relationships DG = -nFE and D

G0 = -nFE0 into the expression of a reaction free energy and division of both sides by -nF gives the Nernst equation for an electrode reaction:

eq 11

Combining constants at 25oC (298.15 K) gives the simpler form of the Nernst equation for an electrode reaction at this standard temperature:

eq 12

In this equation, the electrode potential (E) would be the actual potential difference across a cell containing this electrode as a half-cell and a standard hydrogen electrode as the other half-cell. Alternatively, the relationship in equation can be used to combine two Nernst equations corresponding to two half-cell reactions into the Nernst equation for a cell reaction:

eq 13

6 years ago
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