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Grade: 11


write short note on homologous series of its characteristics with suitable example?

6 years ago

Answers : (1)

Aarti Gupta
askIITians Faculty
300 Points
							Homologous series is a series of similarly constituted compounds in 
which the members possess the same functional group and have similar 
characteristics.The various members of the particular homologous series 
are called homologues.
Characteristics of homologous series:-
1.All the members can be represented by same general formula.
2.Any 2 consecutive members differ in their formula by a commom difference of -CH2.
3.Different members have common functional group.
4.Members of any particular family have almost identical chemical properties.Their physical properties show gradual gradation with increase in the molecular mass.
5.Members differ by molecular mass of 14.
6.The members can be prepared almost by the identical methods known as general methods of preparation.
For example:-
Homologous series of alkanes:-
Molecular General Name Differ by
Formula Formula
1. CH4 CnH2n+2 Methane
2.C2H6 CnH2n+2 Ethane -CH2
3.C3H8 CnH2n+2 Propane -CH2
4.C4H10 CnH2n+2 Butane -CH2
Thanks & Regard
Aarti Gupta
askiitians Faculty
6 years ago
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