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Grade: 9


write out ten characteristics of organics chemistry?

3 years ago

Answers : (1)

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  The basic easy and tricky of chemistry is the organic part of it.
     Every entrance exam like jee aieee and neet has its owh high percent for the part provided for chemistry
So basic charecteristics of organic compounds goes this way
*Most compounds contain carbon and hydrogen,and some contain oxygen ,nitrogen and halogens and a few contains sulphur and metals
*Organic compounds are resultants due to tetravalency and catenation properties of carbon
*Organic compounds are primarily clasified as open chain and closed chain compounds
 *In these compounds carbon undergoes sp.sp2,sp3hybridisations 
*structures of organic compounds can be demonstrated in many ways like Lewis dot structures or dash structures and bond line structures
*The two major sources of organic compounds include natural and synthetic
     Natural:plants,animals,fungi,coal comprising 10%
    Synthetic: comprising 90%
*organic compounds are especially covalent in nature
*Aqueous solution of organic compounds do not conduct electricity due to no free electron
*They posses distinct colour and odour
*They show phenomenons like isomerism and polymerism
*They decompose on heating
*They usually have low melting and boiling points
3 years ago
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