With reason.. I cant understand the concept..................

With reason.. I cant understand the concept..................

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Suraj Prasad IIT Patna
askIITians Faculty 286 Points
7 years ago

Stability of gem diols depend on the following factors:

(i) Steric hindrance by +I group aroundα-carbon decreases the stability of gem diols. +I group decreases stability of gem diol and hence decreases extent of hydration.

(ii) Stability of gem diols mainly depends on the presence of –I group on α-carbon. More is the –I power of the group more will be stability of gem diols.

(iii) Intramolecular hydrogen bonding increases stability of gem diols. –I groups present on carbon having gem diol group increases strength of hydrogen bond.

More is the strength of hydrogen bond more will be the stability of gem diol.

Here ring strain will play a role as all other factors are same to every molecule.

So most stable will be 3>2>1

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