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Grade: 11
        Why the bond angle of ammonia is less than 109° 28` ? Give reason.
2 years ago

Answers : (1)

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  • Ammonia has four groups of electrons and so it has the same electronic geometry as other molecules like CH4
  • In case of NH3 however, one group has an unshared pair of electrons, and as per VSEPR the four electron groups around a central atom will be directed towards the corners of tetrahedron to give maximum separation. 
  • N has tetrahedral electronic geometry, which refers to the geometric arrangement of electron groups around central atom. 
  • The molecular geometry however excludes the lone pairs on the central atom and describes only the arrangement of atoms around the central atom.
  • Ammonia (NH3) is an example of molecule in which the central atom has both shared and unshared electron pairs. The shape of ammonia molecule (NH3) is trigonal pyramid.
  • There are three bonding pairs of electrons and one non bonding pair. The bond angle in a molecule of ammonia are 107o, a value very close to tetrahedral angle (109o.5').
  • We can write a general tetrahedral structure for the electron pairs of ammonia by placing the non bonding pair at one corner.
  • A tetrahedral arrangement of the electron pairs explains the trigonal pyramidal arrangement of the four atoms.
  • The bond angles are 107(not 109o.5') because the non bonding pair occupies more space than the bonding pairs.
2 years ago
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