Why is the fossil record important to the theory of evolution?

Why is the fossil record important to the theory of evolution?


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7 years ago
applying Carbon dating to the Fossil fuels one can know the age of the fossil and by various fossil fuels one can know how different animals lived during different time periods and thus can be used to deduce how different species evolved from one another over time.
Vikas TU
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7 years ago
 If you mean Darwin's theory of evolution by Natural Selection, then fossils are important because they are 1) evidence of extinction and 2) that more lineages went extinct than survived and left offspring. This explains why there is such disparity between certain related groups of organisms. Also, fossils informed Darwin's understanding of biogeography because fossilized organisms were found in the same place where that organism, or its relatives, lived. For examples, certain fossil marsupials in Australia but no where else. Have a look at The Origin of Species- Darwin has a whole chapter on the fossil record, which he laments is a less-than-perfect record of life on earth because most organisms that ever lived were not fossilized.

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