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Grade: 12th pass
        why is biomolecular dehydration not appropriate for the preparation of ethyl methyl ether?
one year ago

Answers : (2)

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							Dear student
1- Bimolecularr dehydration is a way of preparing diethyl ether from the dehydrating action of concentrated sulfuric acid on ethanol. The dehydrating agent, conc. H2SO4 abstracts a hydrogen from one ethanol and a hydroxyl (the -OH group) of the neighbour.By this Sulfuric acid grabs a mole of water.
Arun (askIITians forum expert)
So this method works only with symmetrical ethers: di[alkyl] ethers.
Methyl Ethyl ether is better prepared from Sodium ethoxide and methanol or Sodium methoxide and ethanol.
Moreover you will get three ethers if you try to react methanol + ethanol with sulfuric acid at high temp in a bimolecular dehydration reaction. So you will get all possible combinations including ethyl methyl ether, dimethyl ether and diethyl ether.
one year ago
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9 months ago
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