why formaldehydhe does not under go iodoform test?

why formaldehydhe does not under go iodoform test?


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Aarti Gupta
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9 years ago
Iodoform reaction is given by those compounds which have the following group-

where "R" can be a hydrogen atom or a hydrocarbon group (for example, an alkyl group).

If "R" is hydrogen, then we have the aldehyde ethanal, CH3CHO.Ethanal is the only aldehyde to give the triiodomethane (iodoform) reaction. If "R"is a hydrocarbon group, then we have a ketone. Lots of ketones give this reaction, but those that do all have a methyl group on one side of the carbon-oxygen double bond. These are known as methyl ketones.Since formaldehyde(HCHO) does not have this group so it is negative for iodoform test.

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