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Grade: 12th pass


Why CCl3- anion is more stable than C6H5CH2-? I think the only possibility is by comparing the -I effect of Cl and Phenyl group. Generally we can see the possibility of negative charge dispersion on benzene ring making it more stable. I am confused. Kindly help.

4 years ago

Answers : (3)

Vikas TU
12134 Points
the reason is simple.
in CCl3- 
cholrine atoms has vacnat d- orbitals.
and that is the reason it make sit more stable.
4 years ago
Dattatray Biradar
10 Points
							I believe vacant d orbital option shall come last as in the first place itself we see Phenyl ring has larger possibility of negative charge dispersion. Further as we all may know resonance/Mesomeric stability is greater than -I stability. In my opinion benzyl carbanion should be more stable but in a online book "comprehensive chemistry IIT" its given that CCl anion is more stable. Hence confused.
4 years ago
Ajinkya shinde
11 Points
							Ccl3 anion will be more stable due to back bonding between the c lone pair during to negative charge and cl vacat d orbital.
2 years ago
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