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Grade: 10
why carbon forms infinity no of compound  and a versatile nature of carbin compound 
8 months ago

Answers : (2)

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The versatile nature of carbon due to the presence of covalent bond enables it to form a large number of compounds.

(i) Carbon due to its property of catenation possesses a unique ability to form bonds with other atoms of carbon, giving rise to large number of molecules and compounds having long chains of carbon, branched chains of carbon or carbon atoms arranged in rings and linked by single, double or triple bonds.

(ii) Carbon being tetravalent is capable of bonding with four other atoms of carbon or any other combining mono-valent element.

 (iii) Carbon forms compounds with oxygen (Carbon-dioxide), hydrogen (Methane), nitrogen (Hydrogen cyanide), sulphur, chlorine (Chloromethane) and many other elements giving rise to compounds with specific properties depending upon the elements present in the compound.

(iv) The compounds formed are stable due to their strong bonds as a result of its small size which enables the nucleus to hold the shared pair of electrons firmly.

8 months ago
Vikas TU
11685 Points
Dear student
Carbon forms large number of compounds because of its catenation and tetravalency properties. Compounds containing single bonds are named as saturated and those containing duble or triple bonds are named as unsaturated compounds. Unsaturated compounds are more reactive than saturated as they contain double or triple bonds .
7 months ago
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