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Bidhan Kumbhakar Grade: 12th pass
        Which has the higher dipole moment ? Allyl bromide or vinyl bromide and why
one year ago

Answers : (2)

Ankit Kumar Sharma
48 Points
										Dipole moment is directly proportional to the electronegativity difference and the distance between the atoms or induced charges.Now +R effect of Bromine can`t be considered due to orbital mismatch. So in allyl bromide there should be a canonical structure having CH2-CH-CH2+   Br-  , where as in vinyl bromide such canonical is not there and the electronegativity difference between Bromine and SP2 hybridised carbon is less. Hance Allyl bromide should have higher dipole moment.
one year ago
Bidhan Kumbhakar
13 Points
										Can I explained with bond length . in allyl bromide have 1sp and 2 sp2 carbon atom & if the bond length is shorter thn dipole moment is less . is it perfect ??
one year ago
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