which has greater -i power -OR or -OH

which has greater -i power
-OR or -OH

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Sunil Kumar FP
askIITians Faculty 183 Points
8 years ago
OH has greater -i power.Beacuse the R group has the ability to donate electron.It has electron pulling tendendency
Relative inductive effects have been experimentally measured with reference to hydrogen, in decreasing order of -I effect or increasing order of +I effect, as follows:

–NH3+ > –NO2 > –SO2R > –CN > –SO3H > –CHO > CO > –COOH > –COCl> –CONH2 > –F > –Cl > –Br > –I > –OH > –OR > –NH2 > –C6H5 > –CH=CH2 > –H
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8 years ago
in compounds like ROR and ROH ,we know bond angle of ROR >ROH which implies that % of  s character on ROR’s oxygen is more that ROH’s oxygen ,so EN value of oxygen is more in ether than alcohol’s ,so it should have greater tendency to pull electrons so its -i should be greater than that of -OH ….

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