which are best for reference

which are best for reference


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Rinkoo Gupta
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10 years ago
To be good and better in Organic Chemistry then you should go through the NCERT and Goyal Brother's Prakashan Chemistry book for CBSE and ICSE .These books provide you with the basic matter.If you feel that your strong in all the basic concepts then you can follow the following texts mentioned below:-

Organic Chemistry
Morrison & Boyd
Solutions to Morrison Boyd
Reaction mechanism in Organic Chemistry by Parmar
Organic Chemistry (5th Edition) by Leroy G. Wade
Organic Chemistry, Fourth Edition : Structure and Function by K. Peter C. Vollhardt, Neil E. Schore,
Organic Chemistry (with Organic ChemistryNow) by Joseph M. Hornback,
Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry by John E. McMurry,
Organic Chemistry by Stuart G. Warren

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Rinkoo Gupta
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