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when water vapour in air condense to from water droplets on a glass,heat is

when water vapour in air condense to from water droplets on a glass,heat is


1 Answers

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one month ago

First... let me tell you the basic idea and then I will explain the phenomenon.
Firstly, water is a liquid and liquid is a state of matter. When a liquid wants to get converted to gaseous (change of state of matter)... it requires some amount of energy in order for its molecules to break the bondings in the collective liquid. When liquid water wants to convert into water vapour... it absorbs energy in the form of heat from the surroundings.. thereby cooling the surroundings, the surface and at the same time.. changing its state of matter. Thatswhy when our sweat gets released... we feel cool... since the water absorbs heat from our body to escape as water vapour.
Just the reverse happens during condensation of gaseous water vapour into liquid water. It gives off heat! Since, gaseous water vapour possesses more heat than liquid water... when gaseous water vapour condenses into liquid water... it gives off that extra heat to the surroundings... thereby heating the surroundings.

Now... let's come to the phenomenon:
According to our knowledge... rain should be heating our atmosphere but it doesn't actually. Why ?
Lets start from the beginning...
Water vapour present high above the clouds in the upper limit of the atmosphere... condense into liquid water... thereby heating the upper regions of our atmosphere... and forming rain.
When this rain drops onto the Earth's surface... it gets exposed to a hot surface. Hence, it absorbs that heat from the atmosphere and Earth's surface again to evaporate into water vapour and escape into the atmosphere... thereby cooling the atmosphere.
This is exactly how rain helps us to cool our atmosphere!
Science is awesome... when you love it! :)

Hope it answers your question. :)

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