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what should i prepare for jee main 2016 in limited time

what should i prepare for jee main 2016 in limited time


1 Answers

Saurabh Kumar
askIITians Faculty 2411 Points
5 years ago
Tip: Don’t attempt garbage questions. It is not necessary to solve 50 questions and exclaim ohh man! I did great today. What’s important in every subject is to do 20 (just a no.) quality questions. This will boost your confidence but as I said earlier it will not be easy. Previous years questions are always better to start with. Again I would recommend not to make your own notes due to lack of time. You don’t want to waste your time writing down each and every important point. You can buy a good extract book and underline/write below a note, if you found something useful..

For Physics...Go to the theory section given in G C Aggarwall along with previous years questions asked in IIT JEE
For Maths: R D Sharma or Cengage publications
Chemistry: O P Tandon’s Chemistry for different domains.

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