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Grade: 12
what is total number of isomers in C3H6DCl molecule
8 months ago

Answers : (2)

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There are 5 structural isomers, 3 of which can exist as 1 of 2 enantiomers, resulting in a total of 8 isomers:

: 1-chloro-1-deuterio-propane (2 enantiomers)

: 2-chloro-1-deuterio-propane (2 enantiomers)

: 3-chloro-1-deuterio-propane

: 1-chloro-2-deuterio-propane (2 enantiomers)

: 2-chloro-2-deuterio-propane

Note: there is much disagreement regarding the naming conventions of molecules including non-standard isotopes, such as deuterium here. I would like to hope that the names given above would at least be widely understood, even if not considered to be ‘correct’.

8 months ago
Vikas TU
11138 Points
Dear student 
The structure and name of isomers are :
CHDClCH2CH3: 1-chloro-1-deuterio-propane (2 enantiomers)
CH2DCClHCH3: 2-chloro-1-deuterio-propane (2 enantiomers)
CH2DCH2CH2Cl: 3-chloro-1-deuterio-propane
CH2ClCDHCH3: 1-chloro-2-deuterio-propane (2 enantiomers)
CH3CDClCH3: 2-chloro-2-deuterio-propane
Hope this heps 
8 months ago
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