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Grade: 12


what is the graph of y=|x|^2 and y=|x^2| ..please provide an image of this

6 months ago

Answers : (5)

Aditya Gupta
2065 Points
We know that x^2 is always non negative. 
So x^2= |x^2|= |x|^2 for all x.
Hence graph of y= x^2, y= |x^2| and y= |x|^2 would be precisely same.
So we only need to draw the graph of y= x^2.
This is obviously an upward parabola touching the x axis at the origin. If you want to see an image of the graph, you can go on "desmos" graphing calculator online and type y=x^2 there to see the plot. It is not possible to add image here.
6 months ago
Saurabh Koranglekar
askIITians Faculty
8406 Points
							Dear student

They exactly coincide and look like upward open parabola passing from origin

6 months ago
24734 Points
Dear Student
As x^2 is always posotoy or zero hence on takin mod, it soed not get affected.
hence graph of x^2 and |x^2 | is same.
and graph of x^2 is known as parabolic
Now in |x^2|, graph would be same
6 months ago
Vikas TU
12280 Points
Dear student 
One thing we can say about the expression is that y will be positive since right hand side of the equation is inside the modulus or absolute value function. y will be at least greater then and equal to zero.
And one thing you will notice is that there is no difference between

both of the expressions we give exactly same values of y , and have same plots.
5 months ago
276 Points
can see that 
if you replace
x by -x both the expressions are same 
and symmetric about x axis
and will be like y=x2
5 months ago
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