What is the difference between sucrose, fructose and sugar?

What is the difference between sucrose, fructose and sugar?


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Aarti Gupta
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10 years ago
Carbohydrates are classified into three main groups-
1.Monosaccharides – These are known as simple sugars, as such carbohydrates cannot be broken into smaller units upon hydrolysis.They mainly comprises of 3-7 carbon compounds.
2.Disaccharides-These produce two monosaccharide units on hydrolysis.For ex-Maltose,Sucrose
3.Polysaccharides-These produce number of sugar units on hydrolysis.For ex- starch,cellulose.
Monosaccharides are of two types depending on whether they have either an aldehyde(H-C=O) known as aldoses or a keto(>C=O) group known as ketoses.
Sucrose- It is an aldose sugar which is also known as table sugar which is isolated from the juice of plants like sugarcane,sugarbeet etc.Its an disaccharide which on hydrolysis gives an equimolar mixture of glucose and fructose.
Sucrose = Glucose + Fructose
Fructose- This is an ketose monosaccharide present in honey and fruit juices.It can be converted into glucose in the liver and intestine and hence used in the body and sweetest of all the monosaccharides.

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