what is the difference b/w resonance and conjugation??

what is the difference b/w resonance and conjugation??


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Aarti Gupta
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9 years ago

Resonance and conjugation are interrelated. If there is conjugation in a molecule, we can draw resonance structures to it by alternating the pi bonds. Since the pi electrons are delocalized in the whole conjugated system, all the resonance structures are valid for such molecule
Resonance allows a conjugated system to delocalize electrons.

In a molecule when there is alternating single and multiple bonds present, we say that the system is conjugated. For example, benzene molecule is a conjugated system. In a multiple bond, there is one sigma bond and one or two pi ponds. Pi bonds are made up by overlapping p orbitals. The electrons in the p orbitals are located perpendicular to the plane of the molecule. So when there are pi bonds in alternating bonds, all the electrons are delocalized throughout the conjugated system.
By having the atoms share or transfer electrons, we try to give each atom the noble gas electronic configuration. However, in this attempt, we may impose an artificial location on the electrons. As a result, more than one equivalent Lewis structures can be written for many molecules and ions. The structures written by changing the position of the electrons are known as resonance structures.

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Sunil Kumar FP
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9 years ago
Resonance: Different representations of the same molecule. Each representation is called
a resonance contributor. But none have an actual reality/existence. The best
representation of reality is the resonance hybrid, which takes into account all the major
contributors using partial pi bonds and partial charges.

for ex-resonance structure of benzene each structure is called resonance hybrid

Conjugation: a molecule is conjugated if it gains special stability due to the parallel
overlapping of p orbital’s that are all adjacent to each other. So the atoms that
contribute to conjugation cannot be sp3 hybridized. They can either be sp2 (more
common) and sp (not as common).

ex-conjugation in 1,3 butadiene

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