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Grade: 12th pass
what is the acid ,base,neutraland indicator of Benedict's reagent,barford,seliwanoffs concerning.sulphuricacid,sulphuric acid, concerning.nitrocacir,bromocresol(green),molschreagent,vouchers,phenolpthalein,silver nitrate,benzedrinesolution,sodium sulphate,,liquorammonia,sodium nitrate,0.2%formal,10%Na2Co3,2%Na2co3,20%sodiumcarbonate,10%leadacetate, saturatedpicricacid,10%Bacl2,10%ferric chloride,phosphotungsticacid,10%sulphosalicylicacid,sodium nitroprussicacid,iodine,Ninhydrin,1%cursor,mercuricsulphate,5%NaoH,10%aNaoH,Ammoniumsulphate,10%ammonium molybdate,fructose,glucose
8 months ago

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Properties of Acids:

  1. They are corrosive in nature.
  2. They are good conductors of electricity.
  3. They have pH less than 7.
  4. They react with bases and undergo neutralization reaction i.e., acids form salt and water upon reaction with a base.

Properties of Bases:

  • They are soapy when touched and bitter in taste.
  • When used in aqueous state they are good conductors of electricity.
  • they have ph value > 7

Neutral Substances: There are some substances that do not have acidic as well as basic characteristics. These kind of substances are known as neutral substances. Neutral substances do not affect a litmus paper.

8 months ago
teja nani
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